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High Point Showroom


The current HP showroom for Rockward Wholesale is housed in a beautiful historic building that encompasses three floors and includes 21,000 sq feet.  It is located directly on Main Street in High Point, a location that is central to those walking to any of the large buildings that accommodates many exhibitors.  The stunning showroom features luxurious lifestyle settings on the ground level with large, brilliant art and gleaming chandeliers.  The lower level includes coastal and casual furniture, featuring rattan, organic wooden pieces and comfortable upholstery. The top floor houses outdoor furniture, bedrooms, mattresses and additional living settings.  Ever evolving, the showroom is a masterful representation of the various lines represented by Rockford Wholesale (including Beyond Borders) and is a "must-see" for all those who attend High Point Market in the spring and fall each year.




The Profit Center - 156 South Main Street, High Point, NC 27260